How it works

The essence of Affiliate Marketing can be described in 3 simple steps:


Advertisers and Affiliates both sign up to the Linkwise Affiliate Network.


You will be assigned an Account Manager who will be responsible for helping you setting up your affiliate program in the best way possible. Together you will create your program or campaign, you will decide upon the commissions you will be paying to affiliates and the creatives that will be on offer. Once everything is ready, your program will be made available to thousands of affiliates who will choose the most suitable method of promotion and the creatives they will use in order to begin advertising your business!


When one of your creatives or text links has been placed on an affiliate website, this is what happens (in the example that follows an affiliate has placed a banner on his/her website and through it, is redirecting visitors to the advertiser’s e-shop):


After an action has been validated by you, the corresponding commission is added to your monthly total. When the month ends, you pay this amount to Linkwise, who in turn makes sure that each affiliate gets paid accordingly.