Performance optimisation

The success of affiliate marketing –and of your e-business in general – depends on the successful completion of sales or any other task you have set users on your website. The completion of these tasks, whether it is a checkout process, a sign up form or any other action, depends heavily on the website’s usability. Usability has a key role when it comes to conversion rate, i.e. turning your site’s visitors to actual customers.

In simple terms, Usability is a method which improves websites’ ease of use by making their functionalities and structure “intuitive” for users. We measure this against a set of proven rules or guidelines (also called “heuristics”) which have been created through numerous academic studies worldwide on thousands of users.

Linkwise can help optimize your website through a detailed analysis of your website, in order to identify problem areas from a usability perspective. The purpose of this report is to address these issues and recommend specific actions the client can immediately put in place, in order to improve the overall performance of their website. In addition, the report also educates the client on basic usability issues, by explaining the reasoning behind the recommendations made.

More specifically and depending on your needs we can offer:

Performance & Usability review

This includes a general overview and walkthrough of your website, in order to identify problems, rate them in terms of importance and suggest specific solutions to improve them.

Landing page optimization

Here we analyze a specific page where you send your incoming traffic and where the main goal is to convert them to customers via a specific action (e.g. sign up, purchase etc).

E-commerce optimization

In this case we analyze the page with a specific focus on e-commerce and the buying process, where we perform specific task analysis, identify issues and suggest specific usability and persuasive design techniques that will increase your site’s conversion rate.

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