Privacy policy

When you navigate on one of our websites (,, and, Linkwise collects a limited amount of personal and non-personal information, in order to provide a better service to you. This privacy policy outlines the way in which Linkwise processes information collected from or provided by its users and analyzes the practices used in handling this information.

All personal information collected is processed according to Greek law as well as the following:


  1. Anonymous data

  2. Every visitor can navigate on and anonymously, without providing any personal information. The only data collected from the visitor are anonymous information like his/her computer’s IP address, the date and time of the visit and other similar non-personal data. This data is used to ensure the smooth operation of Linkwise and do not contain any personally identifiable information.

  3. Personal data

    • In order for our service to operate, we collect some personal data during registration to the service. These data are, among other, the user’s name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and any other required information (fields marked with * on the affiliate registration form). Optionally, after registration the user can save in his account more information like payment details.

    • For every message sent to Linkwise via the website’s contact form, we might store the relevant information on record and use it in the future for purposes associated with the needs of our service.

    • We might ask you to take part in surveys done for research purposes, in which you can choose not to take part.


Linkwise will never share your personal information with any third party. Your data is only used for purposes associated with the needs of our service.


All your personal information is available only to you and protected through an e-mail/password or an Affiliate ID/password combination that you have set. No one can have access to your information without knowing this combination. Moreover, your password is stored in our database only after it has been encrypted using strong, one-way encryption, which in effect means that not even Linkwise knows your password.

In addition, Linkwise uses TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security, widely recognized as the best available technology for such purposes) on all pages that require the user to be logged in and therefore on all interactions with the user that include transmission of personal information through the Internet. No personal information is ever exchanged between your computer and Linkwise, without being encrypted using strong, up to 256bit encryption.

Finally, Linkwise uses a TLS certificate signed by Comodo, a global leader in Internet security, in order to ensure protection of your personal data. Through this certificate, the user’s browser can automatically check that it has indeed connected to a Linkwise server and verify the sender and integrity of any data it receives.


Like most websites, Linkwise uses cookies in order to ensure its websites work properly.

  1. What are cookies

  2. Cookies are small text files that are sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer. They help us store information about your preferences, customize the website according to your interests, minimize page load times and be able to identify you when coming back to the website. Cookies do not cause any harm to the user’s system. Moreover, cookies used by Linkwise do not contain any personal information.

  3. What cookies we use

  4. i) Strictly necessary cookies

    Without these cookies, it would be impossible to use the service as they are required in order to perform basic tasks on the website.

    ii) Preferences cookies

    These cookies store the user’s preferences while navigating on Linkwise websites. We use preferences cookies in order to store user choices like how many affiliate programs he/she wants to view per page etc.

    iii) Analytics cookies

    Analytics cookies help us extract information related to the way our users use our websites, with the aim of improving our services.

    iv) Tracking cookies

    Linkwise is an affiliate network, meaning our partner publishers/affiliates place ads on their websites promoting our partner advertisers (e.g. online shops). These ads contain a link to the advertiser’s website, which allows users to click on the ads and be redirected to the advertiser, through a Linkwise server. Publishers/affiliates earn commission for each sale resulting from one of the ads they show. As part of our service, we calculate these commissions. In order to do this, our web server uses cookies to track the traffic coming from users clicking on our publisher/affiliate ads. However, these cookies are not stored on users’ systems on one of our websites, but rather when a user is being redirected from a publisher/affiliate website to an advertiser website.