Affiliate testimonials

The network you work with plays a huge role in affiliate marketing. With Linkwise, I have found the ideal partner. Friendly but also professional, quick support with real solutions and understanding with my reasonable but also, at times, unreasonable demands! And my payment is of course always on time.

Giannis Egglezos

After 3 years of being an affiliate and with the constant support of Linkwise in terms of customer service, knowhow and direction, I can say that my website now offers me a very respectable income. I strongly recommend to anyone that hasn’t tried out affiliate marketing to do so.

Konstantinos S.

I highly recommend Affiliate Marketing as a source of extra income for publishers. Many thanks to Linkwise for their ongoing help and support. Congratulations for your professionalism! Keep it up!

Nikos Androulidakis

Linkwise has been a steady companion in all my efforts with affiliate marketing. Always there, they helped me build a profitable network of websites. Thank you!

Vassilis Kerasiotis