Daily Deals

The largest online trend in e-commerce in the last couple of years has been the arrival of group buying websites, also known as daily deals sites. The trend, which began abroad with companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Buywithme etc, has also hit Greece where many major e-commerce companies have joined the “deal craze”. This sector owes much of its success to affiliate marketing, since it is the affiliate model that has allowed the creation of deal aggregator sites, which scout the web for the best offers and provide users with a single point for them to see all deals. Deal aggregators are essentially affiliate sites which get paid for each sale they generate for the deal sites.

Linkwise has played a key role in the growth of the sector and has vast experience and the largest network that can effectively promote deal sites, consisting of:

Some of the largest companies in the industry promote their online services via Linkwise Affiliate Network, such as:

Linkwise Linkwise Linkwise
Linkwise Linkwise Linkwise

If you operate in the deals sector, then affiliate marketing has a very important role to play in your business. Linkwise has the necessary experience and network of affiliates, to help you increase your sales while only paying a predefined commission for confirmed sales.

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