3d party cookies:

The most popular method of affiliate tracking, due to its simple setup combined with satisfactory accuracy.

1st party cookies:

All modern browsers allow users to easily block 3rd party cookies and some even turn on this option by default. As a result, more and more users cannot be tracked with 3rd party cookies alone. This is why Linkwise also uses 1st party cookies which are enabled by default for the vast majority of browsers and users.

Local Shared Objects (Flash cookies):

Local Shared Objects (also known as “Flash cookies”) add another layer of tracking and also offer the advantage of cross-browser tracking, i.e. the ability to track a sale even when the click was made in a different browser.

Linkwise Affiliate Platform can track all different types of actions (Clicks, Sales and Leads) and offers advertisers the capability to build their affiliate program based on any of them. I also allows affiliates to track these actions in their own tracking platforms using 3rd party tracking scripts and postback URLs.