CPA & Lead generation

CPA and Lead generation campaigns are an excellent solution for advertisers who do not sell products or services online, but do have specific actions and goals they wish to promote, such as:

For CPA campaigns, advertisers set a specific amount of money they wish to payout for each successful completion of the desired action (like the ones mentioned above) and the campaign is then made available to the network’s affiliates. Campaigns can run for a specific amount of time or for a specific budget, depending on the advertiser’s needs.

Linkwise offers the following services:

Campaign Management

We create, upload and publish affiliate campaigns along with the available creatives and also facilitate payments between all parties.

Tracking / Reporting

We provide all the technology for the tracking and reporting of actions, commissions etc. Find out more about our proprietary technology.

Fraud Tracking

Using the necessary software, we can track all traffic generated by Affiliates, in order to avoid any form of fraudulent behaviour (clickbots, adware/malware, scripts etc).

Performance Optimisation

Performance optimization and usability services, aimed at increasing the conversion rate of your landing page or checkout process. Find out more about our Usability services.