Advertiser testimonials

We have been working with Linkwise since September 2011 with great success. Our traffic and sales have rapidly increased through their affiliate network. The CPA model of payment has helped us save money meant for CPC & offline advertising. We are now in the process of entering new markets with the invaluable help of Linkwise.

Nikos Peroulis
Project Manager

Linkwise has proved the most suitable partner for Tophost’s Affiliate programme, since through its network we have achieved a high quality promotion of our services. Their professionalism in dealing with every request ensures the programme’s viability and continuing, problem-free cooperation!

A. Katsantoni
Marketing Dept.

With the help of Linkwse, managed to gain a strong online presence and achieve its intended targets. Spartoo keeps strong in its efforts to grow and Linkwise is there for us to guide us in the best way possible.

K. Gerakaki
Project Manager

The Linkwise team swiftly responded to our every idea and effectively helped us plan our Affiliate Marketing strategy. For insurancemarket, they have been the most efficient affiliate network by far.

Sotiris Papantonopoulos

Linkwise Affiliate Network helped us acquire new customers quickly and effectively by giving us access to a very broad audience. The Linkwise team is always very responsive and goes and goes out of its way to accommodate it customers’ needs.

Paminos Kyrkinis

The most professional affiliate marketing network in Greece. Excellent customer service and great results.

Nikolas Minoglou

Linkwise has increased the traffic and sales of our online store. The platform is user-friendly and you can easily track the performance of your campaigns on the affiliate network, while the team consists of highly experienced professionals. Linkwise is a reliable partner which has helped us grow successfully.

Α. Koufalexis
Digital Marketing Executive

Linkwise affiliate services backed up by their team’s support and guidance contributes daily to increasing our client base for &, bringing a considerable increase in sales. We feel lucky to have this fruitful partnership and strongly recommend Linkwise.

Panos Ladas
Online Marketing Manager