Custom product widgets

Affiliates can create their own product widgets in multiple formats (banner, grid, collage) and search through the advertisers' product catalogs to add the products they want. Multiple customization options available like title, colors and more. Retargeting capabilities coming soon!

Dynamic product feeds

Affiliates can create their own product feeds in xml or csv format by choosing what information they want them to contain and from which categories and/or individual affiliate programs.

Deeplink generator

The deeplink generator automatically creates multiple deeplinks with just one click. All it needs is a simple copy-paste of a list of URLs (from one or more affiliate programs) and it will generate the corresponding affiliate tracking links, without the need for additional user input.

Banner rotators

Linkwise offers its affiliates the option to group creatives into as many banner rotators as they want, making it easier to test multiple programs on a single website page and maximize profits as a result.

Discount coupons & offers feed

All discount coupons and offers available from advertisers can be accessed through a datafeed so that affiliates can automatically update their websites with the latest offers.