Affiliate testimonials

Today I’m in Moscow, tomorrow in Minsk, next week in Rome! Affiliate Marketing has really changed my lifestyle and given me the opportunity to work from virtually anywhere on the planet, organizing my working hours the way it suits me. My cooperation with Linkwise has played a definitive role in achieving this target.

Panos P.

After two years of being involved in Affiliate Marketing, I can safely say that it is a very good way to earn some extra cash or even become your main source of income. Linkwise, with their knowledge, can help both novice affiliates make their first steps with immediate success as well as experienced affiliates to maximize their profits.

Konstantinos K.

To me, Linkwise IS affiliate marketing. They made me love this job, helped me generate income and after a year of working with them I can safely say they cannot be compared to any other affiliate company in Greece.

Stathis K.

Internet advertising is a particularly difficult field, where publishers are not just a handful of media owners but thousands of websites. In this space, Linkwise has achieved such high levels of quality of service and communication that it soon became my strategic partner and dear ally in achieving my goals.

Ioannis Kouvaras

For a cashback and coupon website like Pigogo, affiliate marketing is at the core of its service. Without Linkwise, Pigogo would simply not be possible!

Kostas Zorzis

The truth is I heard about Affiliate Marketing after hearing about Linkwise. Their people have always been there for me to help me or answer any request. My collaboration with Linkwise finally gave the answer to the question “how can I monetize my websites?”. @ Linkwise: Keep it up


Linkwise has the largest number of advertisers and therefore provides more choice to affiliates. Their biggest advantage, however, is their customer service in regards to helping, educating and swiftly responding to all requests as well as their total reliability in terms of payments. It is their professionalism and genuine interest in their affiliates and affiliate marketing as a whole.


For me, affiliate marketing was more than just revenue. It allowed me to offer a better service to my websites’ visitors. Linkwise was there for me every step of the way, with their knowledge, consistency and professionalism at such a level that is really hard to find in the Greek market.